2020 General Election Basics

This year, if you are registered to vote, the ballot will be delivered to your mailbox. You should also receive a postcard noting your polling location (will be sent about 2 weeks before the election) if you want to go there on election day (there are fewer this year and will likely be in a different location than before.)

The County Clerk will mail out the ballots starting in late September – October 5th at the latest. IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED YOUR BALLOT BY OCTOBER 12TH, CALL THE CLERK’S OFFICE AT 609-989-6494 or 6495.

You do not have to fill out a vote by mail application if you are already registered, although the Clerk’s office may ask you to do so if you are just registering now.

“Not voting is not a protest. It is a surrender.” – Keith Ellison

What do I do with this ballot?

Ok, I got it in the mail – what now?

View a video from the Mercer County Clerk’s office to learn how to fill out the mail-in ballot
(start at minute 1:30 because the first part refers to applying to vote by mail, which you don’t have to do this year)

Ver un video: Votar por correo en el Condado de Mercer

Only blue or black ink will be allowed; red ink or pencil cannot be accepted. 

Next step: How do I get my ballot counted?

Couple of other things….

  1. Your signature has to match the signature the Board of Elections has on file. If you can’t remember how you signed your voter registration and you are worried it won’t match, you can send in a signature update at http://www.nj.gov – scroll to register to vote. However, even if it doesn’t match, no worries: your ballot will be mailed back to you and you will have the opportunity to give more information to prove your identity and make sure your vote counts.
  2. If you receive a ballot for someone who no longer lives in your house, please write “Return to Sender” on the front and put it back in the mail. That way, the Clerk’s office can take that voter address off the rolls.
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