How do I make sure my ballot is counted?

This year is no different from any other year in terms of the efforts made by local officials to ensure that everyone has an opportunity exercise their right to vote. Just this year, our Governor has asked those officials to plan for a way for everyone to vote while socially distancing as much as possible. Whichever way you send in your ballot, it is important to follow ALL the directions and use both envelopes. Here are the different ways to send your ballot in:

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US Mail

Your ballot is postage-paid. Just put it in the mailbox with plenty of time to get to its destination at the Board of Elections. It must be postmarked by November 3, but you can post it any time before that.

Secure Dropboxes

Click here for a description and the location of secure boxes.

Vote in Person

Click here to find out how to vote in person

Can I track my ballot to make sure it was counted?

As a matter of fact you can! Click here to sign up to be able to track your mail in ballot.

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