News from the BOE

Copied from the Mercer County Clerk’s FB page:

SHARING AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE MERCER COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONS REGARDING BALLOT TRACKING:Dear Resident/Registered Voter: At the present time, the Mercer County Board of Elections is receiving mail and mail-in ballots, as well as retrieving ballots from the ballot drop boxes. The Office is operating on a temporary basis due to positive COVID-19 cases. The Board has established a procedure to allow for in-person delivery of ballots at 1440 Parkside Avenue, Ewing, NJ. In addition, a ballot drop box has been installed at 1440 Parkside Avenue, Ewing. Your ballot is secured in a locked vault and will start to be processed as soon as possible so you can track. Please accept our apologies for any delay but kindly grant us some time to catch up and continue with the process that was under way.(The Mercer County Board of Elections is a bi-partisan Board that oversees ballot counting, polling locations, and drop boxes.)

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